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Electric Cars Are Better for the Planet and Often Your Budget, Too

Electric Cars Are Better for the Planet  and Often Your Budget, Too

NY Times jumping in the fray as well... As people still seem to have those doubts, please see below link to the article and the most extensive study done into both the cost and pollution of combustion engine cars versus EVs.

"New data published Thursday shows that despite the higher sticker price, electric cars may actually save drivers money in the long-run." EV's are not only cleaner, they are cheaper too, over the long run. - that is today already, let alone when EV production starts to benefit from economies of scale and moves further up the learning curve.

On the emissions: "Dr. Trancik estimates that an electric vehicle’s production emissions would be offset in anywhere from six to 18 months, depending on how clean the energy grid is where the car is charging."

And if you think it doesn't make much of a difference, see here: "Climate scientists say vehicle electrification is one of the best ways to reduce planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States, the transportation sector is the largest source of emissions, most of which comes from cars and trucks".

Putting all together this is what we call a no brainer... touch base with us to learn how easy and how much fun it is for you to switch as well!

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13th April 2021

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