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About us

We are electric car specialists aiming to help you take an exciting step towards a more sustainable future.

Our manifesto

 We believe that the electric car is at the vanguard of a huge shift towards green living.  With its style and performance it's changing mindsets and showing the world that a carbon-free future is fun and exciting - as well as clean. By removing the barriers to ownership, we're committed to accelerating that push.”


- Vincent Heilbron –
Chief Executive Officer 

Electric Car Specialists

Our pledge to be and remain a company driven by its values of excitement, sustainability and responsibility

We will plant 100 trees for every car you buy from us in cooperation with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organisation which has planted over 160 million trees worldwide since 1989.

Our values

We’re excited

Making a difference feels good

We’re sustainable

Driven by doing good to leave the best possible legacy for the world

We’re grown-up

We harness today, for the benefit of the future

Meet our team

zeVie was founded by Vincent Heilbron (CEO), Tom Carlin (COO) and Greg Dowling (CTO) with the aim of helping to make responsible car choices easier and more accessible. The zeVie team are highly experienced electric car specialists and could not be more passionate about our environment.

Vincent Heilbron


Tom Carlin


Greg Dowling


Our Promise to you

Everything we do will be in line with our core values of excitement, sustainability and responsibility.